Moma alpium - Lot Moths and Butterflies - species in Las Descargues, the Lot, France
drawing of a moth



Las Descargues, 25 May 2010
Moma alpium Adult


© Robin Howard

Moma alpium (Osbeck, 1778)

Scarce Merveille du Jour

Wingspan: 34-40mm

A univoltine species flying from early April to the end of July when it is a regular visitor to light and sugar and has been recorded from all woodland sites. A species that prefers oak woodland although it found in the stunted, open woodland of the Causse.

Eggs are laid in batches on the underside of oak and sweet chestnut leaves but they have also been recorded from other deciduous trees in the area. Larvae feed on oak and sweet chestnut with pupation taking place in a shiny, stout cocoon on the ground in plant detritus.