Spilosoma urticae - Lot Moths and Butterflies - species in Las Descargues, the Lot, France
drawing of a moth



Las Descargues, May, 2008
Spilosoma urticae Adult


© Robin Howard

Spilosoma urticae (Esper, 1789)

Water Ermine
Ecaille de l'ortie

Wingspan: male - 22-42mm female - 34-42mm

Imago: Bivoltine, on the wing from April to June and again from July to September. It is an occasional visitor to light at Las Descargues but is more common along the wetter parts of the Bave valley.

Larva: Polyphagous on herbaceous plants Rumex, Galium, Urticae, Menyanthides, Mentha spp.