Aglia tau - Lot Moths and Butterflies - species in Las Descargues, the Lot, France
drawing of a moth



Las Descargues, 14 April 2014
Aglia tau Adult male


© Robin Howard

Aglia tau (Linnaeus, 1758)

Tau Emperor
La Hachette

Wingspan: male - 50-65mm female - 55-80mm

A diurnal and nocturnal univoltine species flying from mid-March to the beginning of June when it is attracted to light and has been recorded at all woodland traps up to 1600m. Males fly predominantly in the morning during sunny weather and females at night.

Larvae feed on various trees and shrubs, Corylus avellana, Betula, Carpinus, Tilia, Quercus and Fagus sylvaticus.


Adult maleAdultAdultAdultAdultAdultLarva