Ennomos erosaria - Lot Moths and Butterflies - species in Las Descargues, the Lot, France
drawing of a moth



Las Descargues, 27 October 2010
Ennomos erosaria Adult


© Robin Howard

Ennomos erosaria ([Denis & Schiffermüller], 1775)

September Thorn
L'Ennomos rongée

Wingspan: 36-44mm

A univoltine species which in suitable years may produce a partial second generation. On the wing from May to July and again in September and October with ocasional individuals recorded in early November. Recorded from all the Las Descargues traps and those situated throughout the plateau broadleaved woodlands.

The larva feeds on Quercus, Tilia, Betula, Populus, Fagus etc. overwinters as an egg on the foodplant before feeding in early spring and pupating between spun leaves.


AdultAdultAdultAdultAdult - 2nd generation